Sell your old IT equipment with our ITAD program Are you trying to come up with a plan for your out of date IT gear that is painless for you and the environment? Renovating your data center and need somewhere to sell your used IT equipment? How does it work?

Identifying Your Assets

Send us an asset list
An asset list should have all available details, for example:
  • Part/Model number
  • Configuration information
  • Service tag
  • Item Purchase date
Step 01

Evaluation of Assets

We’ll measure your assets marketability
Extensive report including the value of your assets in the marketplace:
  • fast response times
  • Average of 1-2 business days
  • Proposal valid for 30 days
Step 02

Asset Purchase

You get paid!
Customized game plan for IT asset disposition:
  • Account setup
  • Freight & logistics plan
  • Hardware pickup
  • Fast payments
  • Written guarantee issued after destruction or wipe
Step 03

We evaluate your hardware

And let you know what it's worth
At Enterasource we will evaluate your product and send you an offer within 2-3 business days. Please consider that if your equipment is damaged, or not functioning, we might not be able to make you a cash offer. If we aren’t able to buy your hardware, we’ll still reach out to you regarding recycling options that will best fit your needs.
Step 04

Packing your Equipment

We sell used, refurbished, and customized servers that are the highest quality possible
We maintain this high standard of quality at each step of the process. You can help us maintain this high product quality standard by making sure to package your equipment safely to prevent damage in transit.
Step 05

Sending out your Equipment

As soon as you accept our proposal, we will send you a shipping label
So you can send us your hardware and get paid as soon as possible. In essence, you’ll clear space in your warehouse, be paid for it, and be assured that your gear will end up responsibly renewed. The equipment we sell would have otherwise ended up cluttering landfills, but instead ends up being refurbished and used for years to come.
Step 06
Just fill out this form We will evaluate your hardware and let you know what’s it’s worth
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